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Common Oral Surgery Procedures

Posted September 28, 2020

Oral surgery in 98115 is a viable solution to many dental problems. From getting rid of an impacted tooth to treating sleep apnea, oral surgery can bring relief by addressing the root cause of the problem. Some people are hesitant to undergo oral surgery, thinking that it’s painful and risky. But oral surgery is more common than you think.

Thousands of people across the world undergo oral surgery each day. Here are the most common oral surgery procedures:


What are the Most Common Oral Surgery Procedures?

Removal of Impacted Teeth

Sometimes, teeth don’t always emerge out of the gums like they’re supposed to. When this happens, they can cause several problems like crowding, infections, and extreme pain or discomfort. Fortunately, extraction can solve this problem. Extracting your impacted teeth can help protect your smile from damage.

Removal of Wisdom Teeth

The removal of wisdom teeth is sometimes necessary to prevent oral problems from developing. When they don’t develop right or when jaws are too small to accommodate them, they can cause infections, swelling, and misalignment issues. Wisdom teeth removal can help preserve your oral health.

Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implants are one of the best options when it comes to replacing a missing tooth or several missing teeth. They’re reliable, durable, and functions like real teeth. Dental implants need several oral surgeries to complete. But rest assured that the results are worth it.

Unequal Jaw Growth Repair

Unequal jaw growth can result in difficulty eating, talking, and even breathing. It can also cause TMD, the uneven wearing of teeth, and an unattractive smile. For extreme cases, oral surgery is necessary to create a jaw structure that is more functional and symmetrical.

Snoring or Sleep Apnea

When traditional methods of treatment don’t work, oral surgery can be a viable solution to treat sleep apnea. Oral surgery can remove any excess tissue in your throat that’s blocking your airway.


Looking for Oral Surgery in 98115?

Oral surgery in 98115 is very common and you shouldn’t be intimidated by it. If necessary, don’t hesitate to undergo oral surgery at Roosevelt Dental Center. At Roosevelt Dental Center, we offer a wide range of dental procedures that aim to bring out the best in your smile. Contact us for inquires!


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