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How to Floss a Dental Bridge

Posted February 10, 2021
Porcelain Dental bridges 98115

Missing or lost teeth can be due to several reasons such as dental infection, severe tooth decay, or childhood accident. The gaps left by the missing or lost tooth can make you feel embarrassed and distressed. The good news is that your dentist can address this concern with natural-looking dental bridges. Here’s what you need to know about dental bridges in 98115.

diagram Porcelain Dental bridges 98115

Dental Bridges and How to Care for it

What are Dental Bridges?

This dental treatment is a type of artificial tooth that bridges the space created by a lost or missing tooth. Dental bridges are made of porcelain, ceramic, or metal material. These are placed into your mouth with a framework that adhered to two adjacent teeth.

Care Tips

Dental bridges make speaking, talking, and eating easier. Although these are considered to be ideal tooth replacements, they still need some careful cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning your teeth is an essential part of achieving good dental health. Regular and proper cleaning will help your teeth stay healthy and strong. Likewise, this notion is also important when you have dental bridges. You will have to brush at least twice a day and regularly floss your teeth. But how can you floss with dental bridges?

When flossing your teeth with a dental bridge, you’ll have to use a flossing tape to push bits of food and plaque out. Gently pull the tape in a back and forth motion to prevent gum bleeding. Aside from flossing tape, you can also use flossing picks. The advantage of picks is that it is easier to hold on to. It is also a great tool for kids and individuals with joint pain or rheumatism. If you’re not comfortable using flossing picks or tape, you can always use a nylon floss threader. It will help you get through hard-to-reach teeth.

Porcelain Dental bridges 98115

More Tips About Dental Bridges in 98115

If you want to schedule a dental bridge treatment or have any inquiries about how to care for dental bridges, visit Roosevelt Dental Center. We also offer other dental treatments that may resolve your missing or lost tooth problem. Contact our friendly staff members through this link to get in touch with us!

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