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Facts Every Person with Dentures Needs to Know

Posted April 26, 2021
Dentures 9811

Once you’ve tried dentures in 98115, the commitment to keeping them clean and in good condition is essential. You have to learn how to be comfortable when speaking and eating with dentures. Here are the facts you need to know if you are new to dentures. 

Dentures 9811

Important Denture Tips to Keep in Mind

Schedule Regular Dental Appointments

Once you start wearing your dentures, it’s essential that you visit your dentist regularly to guarantee that these dental appliances fit comfortably. During your dental appointment, your dentist will also check your gums for signs of irritation, disease, or damage so fungal and bacteria issues can be treated.  

Practice Makes Perfect

Aside from checking for signs of gum disease, dental appointments include adjustment of dentures. There are various types of dentures and each one of these fit differently in the mouth. Some dentures snap onto dental implants that are attached to the jawbone. However, most dentures are measured to fit according to the placement of your teeth and some movements, adjustments may be needed.  

Allow Your Teeth and Gums to Relax

Discomfort and gum irritation are one of the problems caused by dentures, if not properly maintained. To avoid these dental concerns, the best way to accomplish this is to thoroughly clean the dentures.  

You can also remove them to allow your teeth and gums to relax and prevent irritation. Nonetheless, see to it that you store your dentures in a clean container with warm water to prevent dryness.  

Diet Adjustments 

Most patients have to adjust their diet and eating habits to prevent dentures from getting damaged. During the first week, it’s best that you only consume soft foods and gradually work your way out to semi-hard foods. Examples of soft foods you can eat are yogurt, mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables, and eggs.  

Dentures 9811

Learn More About Dentures in 98115

Choosing dentures or any orthodontic and restorative treatments can be life-changing. Before you make any decision, make sure that you have consulted your dentist and you know the expectations before, during, and after the treatment. To know more about dentures, you can reach out to us at Roosevelt Dental Center. 

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