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Dental Implants Aftercare Instructions

Posted December 5, 2020
Who is the best Cosmetic dentist 98105?

Dental implants are a reliable tooth replacement treatment. According to a cosmetic dentist in 98105, they are anchored into your jawbone, providing a sturdy base for the replacement teeth to sit on. This means you don’t have to worry about them falling out of your mouth whenever you’re having a good conversation.

Other tooth replacement options, like dentures, can become ill-fitting as time goes by. So, they often feel uncomfortable and easily slip off from your mouth when you’re not conscious. If you’re looking for a lifetime solution to tooth loss, take a few minutes to read about dental implants.

Who is the best Cosmetic dentist 98105?

What to do After a Dental Implants Treatment?

Over-the-Counter Medications and Antibiotics’

After the treatment, you may feel some pain and discomfort. This is only natural because your body is working to acclimate to the implants. Although this may only last for a few hours or a couple of days, there are times when the adjustment period will not be as fast as you imagine. Your cosmetic dentist can recommend over-the-counter medications or prescribe antibiotics to help you cope with the pain after the treatment.

Oral Hygiene

Good dental hygiene is crucial to successful healing. Some dentists will prescribe a chlorhexidine mouthwash – a germicidal mouthwash that removes bacteria in the mouth. If you don’t want to use this mouthwash, you can simply use salt water to rinse your mouth, especially after meals. After a few days, you can start cleaning the abutments and the surrounding areas with a toothbrush. Just a little caveat though, always remember to be careful not to damage the implant site.

Eating and Drinking

On the day of the treatment, it is advisable that you avoid hot drinks and hard food. It’s also important that you avoid eating and drinking until the anesthetic wears off. In this way, you can determine which area needs extra care. Even though eating your meals after the treatment is a challenging part, keep in mind to eat healthily.

Who is the best Cosmetic dentist 98105?

Get Long-Term Care Advice from a Cosmetic Dentist in 98105

Most aftercare instructions only last a few weeks or months. Yet, there are long-term care guides to keep your implants healthy. To know more about these aftercare guides, contact Roosevelt Dental Center today!

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