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Understanding Dental Bridges

Posted December 20, 2020
What are Dental bridges 98115?

All of us know the importance of watching what we eat and exercising regularly. But most of us take for granted the importance of flossing daily or brushing at least twice a day. Taking care of your teeth and gums is an important part of your daily health care regimen. For instance, if you have a missing tooth, going to the dentist immediately and getting dental bridges in 98115 can prevent the affected area’s inflammation and infection.

What are Dental bridges 98115?

What a Patient Needs to Know About Dental Bridges

The necessity of Getting Dental Bridges

Losing a tooth and not resorting to dental alternatives to place an artificial tooth not only affect your smile’s appearance. It also puts you at risk of jawbone deterioration, gum disease, and tooth decay. The surrounding teeth may start to drift or tilt into the gap, causing misalignment, damage, and pain. A dental bridge can address these issues by replacing up to 3 consecutive lost teeth.

What Are Dental Bridges Made Of?

This dental treatment comprises two or more crowns attached in place by one or three artificial teeth. Each bridge is designed to meet the patient’s explicit dental needs. A dental bridge decreases the risk of bone loss, improves dental function, and offers great aesthetics.

What are the Types of Dental Bridges?

There are 4 main types of dental bridges – Traditional, Maryland, Cantilever, and Implant-Supported. Each one of these types has different pros and cons. Their dependability and strength are exceptional. However, when asked how long these dental bridges last, the answer will depend on how compliant a patient is with his dental hygiene.

What are Dental bridges 98115?

How Dental Bridges 98115 Work

For dental bridges to work, you will need a healthy and strong tooth on each side of the space. Your dentist will scrape a small amount of enamel from your teeth to fit a crown over them. Once the dental crown fits, your dentist will get impressions of your teeth. These impressions are used to design a dental bridge that’ll perfectly fit your smile.

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