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Tooth Injuries in Sports

Posted January 29, 2021
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Sports injuries are considered by most athletes as an inherent dental risk. While concussions, torn ligaments, and broken bones often get more attention because of the broad ways it can impact the life of an athlete, tooth injuries are still common and derserve a trip to a North Seattle Dentist. Below are some common sports-related tooth injuries.

where can i find a north seattle dentist?

Dental Injuries Experienced by Athletes

Tooth Intrusion

While the common dental injury is a knocked-out tooth, it’s also not rare to sustain a different complication due to untimely treatment of a certain tooth injury. For instance, athletes may experience tooth intrusion when the tooth is pushed back into the jawbone instead of getting knocked out.

This type of dental injury may lead to several problems such as ankylosis, shortening of the root, and destruction of the tooth pulp.

Fractured Roots

Tooth injuries in sports not only refer to injuries inflicted against a tooth, but also refer to injuries affecting the roots. Fractured roots often occur when cracks begin at the edge of the roots. The problem with this dental injury is that it’s not usually visible. With this, you must schedule a dental appointment to know whether your roots are affected by the injuries you sustained.

Fractured Teeth

The most common sports-related injuries are knocked-out and fractured teeth. Just like a knocked-out tooth, a fractured tooth may also lead to dental trauma. Sometimes these cracks may not be serious while some may be severe, no matter what type of dental injury you sustained, it’s imperative you have it checked to avoid long-term dental and overall health problems.

where can i find a north seattle dentist?

Have Your Sports-Related Dental Injury Checked by a North Seattle Dentist

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