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Bad Habits You Didn’t Know About That Can Damage Your Teeth

Posted August 28, 2020
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To keep your teeth and gums in their best conditions, you need to practice good oral hygiene and visit a dentist in Roosevelt WA regularly. Avoiding certain habits can also help keep smile beautiful in the years to come. In this article, we will discuss bad habits you didn’t know were ruining your teeth. 

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What are the Bad Habits That Can Damage Your Teeth?

Using Your Teeth as a Tool

Biting your nails or opening a bag of chips using your teeth may seem harmless, but these habits can damage your smile. Using your teeth as a tool can chip or even break your teeth. Some people even use their teeth to open beer bottles! Start using the right tools to prevent spending thousands to restore your smile.

Chewing Ice

Some people enjoy chewing or crunching ice. But this habit can cause tiny cracks to develop on your teeth because of the rapid temperature change. It could also lead to chipping. 

Snacking on Starchy Carbs and Sugary Food

Eating starchy carbs and sugary food and drinks can damage your teeth. It increases your chance of developing cavities and decay. As much as possible, limit your intake of these kinds of food—instead, snack on fruits, yogurt, cheese, and other healthy alternatives. If you do eat these kinds of food, brush your teeth right after. 

Flossing with Inappropriate Materials

Some people floss their teeth using their hair, safety pins, nails, and other inappropriate materials. But using unhygienic things that aren’t recommended by your dentist in Roosevelt WA to floss can put your oral health at risk. It can damage your gum tissue and cause infection. Stick to using dental floss. 

Using a Hard-Bristled Brush

Brushing your teeth using a hard-bristled brush won’t clean your teeth better. Instead, it can wear down your tooth enamel. It’s best to use a soft-bristled brush to clean your teeth effectively. 

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Looking for a Dentist in Roosevelt, WA?

Visit a dentist in Roosevelt WA regularly and avoid these bad habits to keep your smile damage-free! At Roosevelt Dental Center, we offer a wide range of affordable dental treatments that will help keep your teeth healthy and beautiful. Contact us for inquires! 

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