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Did you know that the natural aging process, medication, and food and beverage consumption can cause staining on your teeth? These types of stains can’t be removed with daily brushing.

So, say goodbye to stains and bolster your confidence with teeth whitening! This is one of the most affordable and effective ways to enhance your smile. Roosevelt Dental Center can help you decide which teeth whitening options are best for you.

At Roosevelt Dental Center, we provide three whitening options:

Option #1: Bright Smiles

Using the Bright Smiles whitening system, you’ll undergo a procedure that typically takes about 90 minutes. It’s safe and has incredible results. After the procedure, you’ll go home with custom trays that will help keep your teeth bright and white.

Option #2: Custom Trays

During this process, we’ll first take impressions of your teeth, then develop lab fabricated custom trays that will fit perfectly around your teeth. This will ensure that the various ridges and grooves in your teeth will all be whitened equally. The trays come with destructions on how to use the trays and the whitening gel. You will see results in about two weeks.

Option #3: Stock Trays

This procedure is best used for removing mild stains. The first application goes onto your teeth in our office, then we send you home with the stock trays to finish the whitening process. It is more affordable than custom made trays and you’ll start seeing results in about two weeks.

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