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Digital x-rays

Dental x-rays are a necessary part of oral health and as dentists, we rely on them to see what’s happening inside your mouth. We use x-rays to expose hidden tooth decay, show tooth abscesses, find cysts or tumors, and look at the overall condition of crowns, fillings, bridges, or root canals. We will also look for issues inside of the gum or bone and see if there is enough healthy bone for dental implants.

Should you worry about x-ray exposure?

Some patients worry about x-ray exposure during their dental appointment. We understand these concerns and aim to minimize the amount of radiation exposure that patients undergo at our office. To do this, we use digital x-rays, which are incredibly advanced and offer 80% reduction in radiation when compared to conventional radiography. There is no need for film processing or chemicals and they produce an accurate image almost instantly with the ability to use color contrast.

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