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Dental Implants

Having a full smile is important both for your health and your self-confidence. We know how difficult it can be to live your daily life with missing teeth, but the great news is that you don’t have to be without them for long. At Roosevelt Dental Center, we offer dental implants as a comfortable and durable restoration option. 

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are not an artificial tooth, but an artificial root. It has the appearance of a screw-like post and is capped by a dental crown. The implant is positioned inside your jawbone, which prevents deterioration that can happen as a result of missing teeth. 

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants? 

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You can once again show off your complete smile with the help of dental implants, but what are some of the other benefits you’ll see? 

What Can I Expect During the Procedure? 

The dental implant procedure will usually take several visits. The first of these will be a consultation to see if your jawbone is healthy enough to support a dental implant. If it’s not, there are procedures that can help.  

Once a decision has been made to receive a dental implant, we will perform outpatient surgery to place it in the jawbone. When that is completed, a crown will be placed. 


Looking to Get Dental Implants in Seattle? 

If you’re ready to return to a full smile or if you’re in need of a tooth extraction, dental implants are great restoration options. When you come to Roosevelt Dental Center, we will make sure that your procedure is as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 


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